Loyalty. For us, loyalty means being a reliable partner. We act in our customers’ best interest and try to achieve the best results as though it were our own product.

Reliability. We keep our word. You can rely on that! We make sure, in advance that our confirmations are valid and only make promises we can keep.

Fairness. At our company, we treat each other nicely and fairly. We appreciate the knowledge and experience of our colleagues. We also expect this fairness from our business partners, suppliers and interest representatives.

Helpfulness. We utilize our employees’ energy and creativity in order to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit for individual solutions. We are always friendly in our actions and measure the purpose of our work based on the sustainable success of our customers.

Competence. We offer our customers the highest level of quality and solutions that fulfill their expectations. Due to the continuously ongoing process of improvement in project management, we increase our productivity and effectiveness.


With our product range, we act as a system supplier for our customers in the field of lathe and cold-forming technology, wire and strip processing and module production. We are the first point of contact for solving problems. Our competence and innovation are the most important components for long-term business relationships and are as appreciated as our helpfulness, loyalty and reliability. Based on our competence and experience, our customers receive useful information and well-founded solutions for your projects. Open and honest treatment and fairness are the basis of our close customer relationships.


Our objective over the next few years is to further expand the module production areas and offer our customers optimum support in the field of supply chain management in a highly competitive field.