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The basic of our company’s success is our focus on a very wide range of parts.

We are a global partner in the field of metal technology and have branches in Germany, Italy and Taiwan. By focusing on a very broad spectrum of products, we set new standards, in particular in the field of turned and cold-formed parts. We also supply bent wire and pipe parts, punched bent parts and assembly modules.

Alfred Wendland e.K.

Hüttenweg 6
58809 Neuenrade

Tel. +49-2392-80689 0

We process materials such as stainless steel A2 and A4, aluminum, brass and copper alloys, machining steels as well as Q&T steels and cementing steels. Surface coatings of all types and all requested heat treatments belong to our product range.

Take advantage of our diversity.

As a system supplier for your metal parts, we are precisely the right point of contact.