Multi-spindle turned parts

To produce your turned parts in large series, we have six and eight-spindle automatic lathes up to a diameter of 50mm. In addition, we also have ring lathes and indexing plate machines.

CNC turned parts
  • CNC short lathes with up to 5 tools simultaneously on the workpiece Dimension range 3.00mm - 65.00mm
  • CNC long lathes up to a diameter of 42mm and a length of 2000mm Dimension range 3.00mm - 42.00mm
  • CNC milling of conventional 3-axle machines up to 5-axle simultaneous processing
  • For small and medium-sized series, we have processing machines with diameters of up to 400.00mm.
Our machine park is designed so we can manufacture nearly all geometries in the field of turned parts.

On this basis, we are very well-equipped to supply you with preliminary series and samples for new products.

All turnable materials can be processed and finished, whether aluminum, stainless steels, Q&T and cementing steels, machining steels, copper, bronze, brass or titanium.

  • Turned parts on six and eight-spindle machines
  • Turned parts on ring lathes
  • Turned parts with milled finishes
  • Turned parts for fuel lines
  • Turned parts with the narrowest tolerances and complex processing
  • Turned parts made of machining steel
  • Turned parts made of Q&T steel
  • Turned parts made of stainless steel
  • Turned parts made of brass
  • Turned parts made of stainless steel V2A and V4A
  • Turned parts made of aluminum
  • Turned parts made of copper